Project North Star

The open-source files comprising Leap Motion's Project North Star AR Headset.

Welcome to the community built documentation for #ProjectNorthStar!

Project North Star Headset

Project Northstar is an open source Augmented Reality headset originally designed by LeapMotion (now UltraLeap) in June, 2017. The headset is almost entirely 3D printable, with a handful of components like reflectors, circuit boards, cables, sensors and screws that need to be sourced seperately. Luckily through the help of Noah Zerkin, all the parts to make North Star headsets are easily accessible through [Smart Prototyping].

There's also a large community of Northstar developers and builders on Discord, you can join the server and share your build, ask questions, or get help with your projects by joining the server!

Hardware procurement, fabrication, and assembly instructions start in /mechanical.

Software setup and calibration start in /software.