Combine Reality Deck X

This is the homepage for the Combine Reality Deck-X variant of Northstar.

The Combine Reality Deck X is a variant of Release 3 designed by Noah Zerkin's team at smart-prototyping. It includes a new hub called "The Integrator" which includes microSD card storage, an Arduino and USB hub, an embedded Intel Realsense t261 sensor, and a control board for adjusting ergonomics like IPD and eye relief.

Deck X Kits are available through Smart Prototyping​

​GitHub Repository​

3D Printing Variants

Please note that the Github repo for the CombineReality Deck X headset has three versions. 3.1.1 The Prints in the 3.1.1 folder are intended for users who want to upgrade their existing 3.1 headset without reprinting the optics bracket. Deck X - with Heat Set Inserts The Prints in the Deck X folder are intended for users who will be assembling, hacking and taking apart their headset multiple times. The inserts are intended to help increase the lifespan of the 3D printed parts by reducing the stress and wear on the parts themselves. This version is not updated as frequently as the version below without heat set inserts. Deck X - without Heat Set Inserts There's also a version of the Deck X for users that don't want to use heat-set inserts. Please note that if you only intend to adjust or rebuild the headset once or twice maximum. Taking the headset apart and putting it back together without heat-set inserts will cause the mounting points to deteriorate over time. Headgear Headgear is currently located in the folder inside the /mechanical folder on the repo. This is because the Deck X headset currently shares the same headgear as the previous Northstar 3.1 design.