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My windows desktop is displaying upside down on the headset, is this normal?

Yes, this is completely normal. Currently this is the correct orientation to have your headset in. This may change in an upcoming software release as it's currently part of the legacy tech debt we've been carrying. Below is a screenshot of how your Northstar display should be setup in windows display manager. Note that the Northstar display should be to the *right* of the main display, and set to 100% scaling.

How do I run my first app?

First, make sure your displays can display something as well as your application is running on the computer (sound?). If that is confirmed then your problem is either with the calibration file or the leap motion controller not working appropriately. To fix the latter issue make sure you install the Multidevice Developer Kit for Leap motion instead of the installer found on the official website.

This page is still a WIP, check back for more in a bit :)