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Polaris AR Kits!

You can order lenses, screens, mechanical bits, ready to build kits, or prebuilt kits here!

Official Leap Motion Links and Guides

GitHub Build Guide

GitHub Repository


Community Links

This medium article by @Tasuku is really good! Check it out for relevant links for Exii, and other tweaks.

@mdrjjn put together this guide on how to build Exii Version 1, He made a video too!

Here's a link to Psychic Vr Lab's guide on going through the calibration process

@atlee19 put together this cool website with a bunch of Open Source Demos

@eswar made this awesome calibration walkthrough

@eswar also made this tutorial for 6dof tracking using a vive tracker!

Just joining? @callil made this awesome presentation for the New York meetup, it’s a great summary of what has happened so far!